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Ten Minute Plays

Willoughby ( 1m / 1w ) In the aftermath of her grandfather’s death, Phoebe tries to work through her sadness in the only way she knows how….rehashing old episodes of The Twilight Zone with her Uncle.

Reinventing The Wheel ( 1m / 1w ) A southern woman, Carla, appeases her husband and his haphazard inventions while grappling with her own mortality.  In her own words “Jesus was the first idea man”.

Can be purchased in this book:
Reinventing The Wheel can be found in this book

The Light Patterns of Strangers ( 1m / 1w ) Two blind scientists, Dan and Pam, who study the light patterns of fireflies discover that after Dan’s surgery to restore his sight they can no longer be together.

Oh, Momma ( 1m / 1w) On the night of Steph’s college “non-prom” an old fling from high school and her have a romantic tryst in a graveyard.

Angels Flight ( 1m / 1w ) In 1901 during an ascent up Angel’s Flight, the shortest railway in the world Edith is introduced to Herbert-the local gadabout.  When the train breaks down during skyrocketing temperatures they come to know each other and Herbert assists Edith in a way he never expected.

Handles ( 1m / 1w) Don “Tom Tom Thompkins” and Mag Dunleavy attend their thirtieth high school reunion and discover sometimes what you wanted to be isn’t want you need.

Full-Length Plays

My Boy Builds Coffins ( 2m / 4w ) My Boy Builds Coffins, a dark comedy, follows the journey of Mia as she embarks on life’s greatest and final journey death. In an effort to control her ultimate demise due to a terminal illness she decides that her family will bury her themselves and follows the steps of her spiritual guide Ra to complete her final path and decorate her casket with memories from her life. Her husband Ted struggles with this decision and it is only when her estranged son Trevor shows up with his hipster girlfriend that she must come to terms with the reality of her dying and how some things no matter how much we want to
cannot be controlled.

The Eden Project ( 2m / 2w ) Lilly and Glenn, a local delivery boy, build a biodome in her basement to attempt achieving fame and a way out of their dead end lives.  When her mentally ill sister Rose gets in the way-chaos ensues, and their experiment goes horridly awry.


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