Ji Snakke Bare Litt Norsk

Time flies.  Eight years ago I lived briefly in London.  Navigating the cobblestone streets on Jack The Ripper walks, trying to understand cockney cashiers in bodegas, and attending The Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers Programme inspiring my American pastiche with some international flair.  I lived in a Norwegian hostel called simply “The K House” whereContinue reading “Ji Snakke Bare Litt Norsk”

July Babies

Last weekend I celebrated another year.  As the month continues I don’t think I ever realized some pretty amazing folks call July their birth month. Frida Kahlo was born on the sixth. I’ve always loved her work, even before Selma Hayek brought her to the masses in the wonderful biopic: Frida.     Fantastic.

The Craft Project Of My Nightmares

The Twilight Zone Episode Talking Tina provided my young chubby face with countless night terrors.  It didn’t help matters when my Teddy Ruxpin’s tape deck broke and he spoke at 2a.m. at random. Now this is circulating and I can only imagine the dreams that this glass in one’s cabinet could inspire. Chuckie has aContinue reading “The Craft Project Of My Nightmares”