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I hath journeyed to the island that is long to celebrate Easter.  While I did not retreat back to the island of Manhattan with colored eggs, I did leave with some amazing food still digesting in my belly.

I would like to take a moment to gush about Rockville’s Centre’s Chat Noir.  I went to this place years ago and had delightful tea but since then it has expanded to include a second dining room.

Now bring on the biscuits….


First of all-THIS is their bread basket.


We officially started the meal with this cheese plate.  I mean GOUDA it get any better?  OK, I’ll stop.  The purple slab was divine.


With the cheese plate they bring out a warm croissant that literally melts in your mouth.


For my main course I went with their deconstructed chicken condon bleu.  Ham, fontina, creamy mushroom sauce, risotto.  It-was-SO GOOD.  The risotto was a welcome pairing but I confess I could not finish this all in one sitting.  Definitely plan on having lots o’ leftovers.


My mother opted for the lobster ravioli.


That plating tho.  To top it all off the prices are FANTASTIC.

Click to access NewNightBistro1015.pdf

I give it two paws up.  If you’re in The Rockville Centre hood jaunt over to Chat Noir.

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