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This past week I’ve spent most of my days feeling jet lagged.  Staring with tired eyes at back episodes of Top Chef to help me sleep….I realized it was because I had the privilege of directing my first short film Reunion written and starring the talented Jane Cortney, Mac Brydon, and Earle Hugens.  Equally produced by Jane Cortney and Mac Brydon, with shout outs to the DP Peter Pavlakis, sound dude Eric Romary, and awesome production assistant Lilly Abedin.  I think she’s discovered muscles in her arms that she never knew were there.  Forget zumba, I see a future in core training holding lights on boom poles for prolonged periods of time.

Shooting for hours-my internal time clock was permanently stunted at 3am.  It was a great experience as seen-

Mac Brydon and Earle Hugens pause to adopt the traditional man lean pose while waiting for their next take.

Pretty sure this was on the closer side of 2am.


And finally the elusive clapboard with my name on it.  The weeks leading up to the shoot I was silently terrified of doing something I hadn’t yet ventured to do.  I even bought a book and highlighted it like a fourth grade science test.

However, the experience was invigorating and fun.  I will continue to try new things-

Except cockroaches covered in chocolate.  I’m gonna take a pass on those.

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