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I had a great experience working with The Rising Sun Performance Company this past Friday and Saturday on their 24 Hour Mashup.  We pulled prompts that were shhhhh…..secrets.  Mine involved someone who wasn’t upset they didn’t tell their mother about the socially awkward persons party because people they know that went found cat hair in the cake.

Naturally in response I wrote a play entitled Cat Hair & Cupcakes which involved a human douchebag kitty.

And this one cause it’s awkwardly sweet.

Gnawwwwww.  Watch while douchebag kitty takes this opportunity to mac into the cupcakes.  I had an amazing group of actors including Zulla Berhe, Tucker Bryan, Alexis Catherine, and the wonderfully dickish human kitty herself Natasha Appleweis.  My director, Kate Moore Heaney brought the entire production together in one day.  I couldn’t give them enough gold stars, they are all theatrical rock stars and I was privileged to work with them.

Maybe next time I’ll incorporate a human penguin with swagger.  I’m digging this people as animals business.

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