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While hunting for my beloved Burberry at the beauty aisle of Marshalls and contemplating if I want to smell like oranges I stumbled upon Sunflowers.

And I’m not talking about the long stalked symbol of free spirited Bohemia.  It was the perfume I rocked through my entire high school career.  

In a split second the old factory film strip jump cut to a time when I wore button up Guess Jeans and crafted acrylic paintings with Q Tips because I was so much better than paint brushes.  My pepto bismol pink walls lined with black and white cut outs of Kevin Spacey and Gabriel Byrne because I was obsessed with The Usual Suspects and Professor Bhaer in Little Women.  

I don’t remember why I stopped wearing Sunflowers.  It will forever live on the oak dresser of my youth.  If I ever want to wear a sideways smile of remembence I now know that a quick trip down to Marshalls can take me there.  It can also offer me countless mugs with inspirational quotes on them.

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