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I was so fortunate to check out my lovely Lady bro Tawny Traversa’s new short film Cat’s Cradle at The SOHO International Film Festival last evening.    I remember when she first crafted it as a play and now it’s circulating around film festivals faster than a fortune teller in a second grade detention hall.

Her husband Pete dutifully holds the movie poster as she mugs for the camera.  We are very much adults, did I mention that?

Playing alongside Cats Cradle was an interesting new documentary called Trichster which delved into the world of people who suffer from a condition known as Trichotillomania and/or the compulsive need to pull ones hair.  We follow the lives of several individuals as they struggle to reclaim their inner pretty after creating bald spots and grabbing off their eyelashes in a fit of compulsion.  It’s interesting, and definitely a world I’ve never personally run into. Rebecca was an impelling live blogger from the story that you should definitely check out:

And finally, when all was said and done we got ridiculous because let’s all Care Bear Stare-that’s what friends are for. 


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