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My friend and I are contemplating doing the ten day paleo cleanse.  As most people have already heard…..paleo is where you eat what the caveman ate-all natural, no processed, you, the wilderness and your digestion.

As the weather gets warmer I’m realizing maybe I should be leading a paleo life. 


Walking by endless trays of tulips brings me a calming peace.  There’s something very therapeutic about being out in the sun.  

I used to take walks with my father where we would pause, find a bench, and sit facing the sun for ten minutes. Vitamin E he stressed, you need Vitamin E.  I would sit, hands under my thighs waiting to pick up the pace so I could get back to fervently checking a newsfeed of some kind.  So I could get back to “my life”.

I don’t know if it’s time teaching me happiness but now I just want to be outside finding a bench to lean toward the sun.  I mean, it’s how the cavemen did it so that makes it paleo trendy?

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