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Our generation has two camps: stunted folk living out their college days and those checking off the boxes.  I’d like to believe that I fall somewhere between the two.  Haplessly having fun while maintaining order and trying to be an artist of some kind.  I’ll let you know when I figure that part out.

A few years ago when Katy Perry busted out on the scene like a firework  and everything was candy clouds and kitty costumes I got the chance to see her with my friend Katie.  It was one of those nights you remember-scream singing, swaying hips left and right in time with the teen girls escorted by their equally jazzed moms, blue hair, and for us matching tour t-shirts.


As time marches and we begin to check off our life boxes it’s nice to know some people keep their airy happiness and youth even while getting two hours of sleep a night.

While visiting Katie and her young chickpea, it was sweet and good and the way it should be.  Two people learning to be parents while still being themselves.  


Watch as I sport my best “I hope I don’t drop the baby face”.

As we move forward and begin living our adult daydream it’s good to know that we still very much want to see Katy Perry again.  The baby will join us of course…..she’ll be needing her own t-shirt.

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