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As we get older and lose all sense of imagination certain landmark moments from childhood suddenly feel creepy.  Sitting on Santas lap as he asks us what we want for Christmas with liquor on his 3pm breath, twenty something’s trick or treating, and small adults wearing costumes so we can take pictures with them.  This is usually a theme park machination but sometimes if we’re lucky enough it visits us during Easter dinner in the guise of this:


My uncle handles it like a champ.

Why must the bunny always sport the eyes of Satan and more importantly how did I not notice that when I was eight? 

As soon as the 5’4” satan spawn hop a long comes from the back room we all hover around to take photos like an ancient ritual of learned behavior.


Is it the candy basket?  Maybe it’s the sampler platter of childhood memories.  Regardless, I look forward to the day these photos end up on a Buzz Feed list of awkward holiday costume pictures.

Strike a pose and hop, hop, hop.


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