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I once talked to a young woman trimmed in permascowl with the extraordinary desire for people to inform her she looked like a certain celebrity who detested individuals who posted pictures of food.  I thought about this the other day as I was snapping my brunch entree, is there something bad about the fact I like posting pictures of food?  Does it make me a weak, somehow unenlightened member of the masses?!?  What is social media for if I can’t brag about the new place with unlimited bellinis and a Top 40 soundtrack?

But this steak looks so delicious.  Why, neigh, how could I not share this with people sending it off to Instagram and giving it a Polaroid glow.


I have no idea how it happened but we seem to live in a time of extreme scrutiny.  If you do this….you’re bad, that makes you a fool, and the third means you might as well tattoo moron on your forehead. 

I’m going to continue to enrage my dining partners by pulling out my phone and telling my eggs to make love to the phone camera.  Afterall, cavemen drew pictures of their food on walls.  And who are we to mock the Neanderthal……alright, maybe that’s not the best example.

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