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Every New York City resident knows that nothing suggests miracles on earth more so than the MTA being on your side when you have a long way to go.

Working in The Bronx, I transfer three times.  The 6 to the 5 to the 2, it sounds like a pneumonic device for children but it’s actually hell on earth. 

On these days of miracles, the trains arrive two to three minutes within the time I step on the platform.  However, most days are twenty minute long breaks, sometimes with oddly times arrivals on the boards like 23 minutes that will sit on the same digit for three minutes a pop.  I imagine that must be what limbo is like-you’re given a number in a line that never moves forward.

I’ve started measuring the way my day is going to go by the luck of my commute.  If it’s easy….the day will go well and if not, I await the harrowing news that they no longer carry the coffee flavoring I like at Dunkin Donuts, or the zipper on my shoe to break.

I just waited 16 minutes for the 5 train…..

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