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It’s International Woman’s Day!!  Huzzah, pull out the charred bra’s and copies of Pride & Prejudice.  Just think-barely 150 years ago we were still considered property, so we’ve made some strides.  Way to go ladies.

Now, we pat ourselves on the back for so many more important things… being better than each other, keeping our men, and sporting the most fashionable jamberry nails.  Who cares that we can vote, more importantly do we have the spring issue of Instyle because of we’re not wearing the color of the season we’re screwed.  So here’s to hoping enough days at the gym will make us look like porn stars and enough nights of subdued silence will make us perfect and lovable.

In all sincerity-

Women are creative, fascinating, emotional caretakers.  They give, listen, and survive.  I am proud to be a woman and privileged to be in society today as well as have relationships with amazing women who continuously inspire me.  Hopefully, the moment will come where no on needs a day, month, or shout out.  We’ll all be perfectly wonderful at doing that for each other on a daily basis.

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