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I work in da’ Bronx.  The land of sass, hoop earrings, and The New York Yankees.  Every morning without fail I stumble out of the 2 train at Gun Hill Road and feel like I just stepped into a deleted scene from a Spike Lee film.  The same man begs at the door-cup extended whizzing in exaggerated circles on his motorized scooter shouting “fifty cents, fifty cents”…..I almost admire his specificity.  The children toting elaborately styled jansport backpacks push and slide on the ice with no sense of spatial relations.  I often think it’s ironic I go to take care of people off of a stop that suggests danger.  A gun can kill you and a hill you can fall down.

This has become my everyday.

There are also some really great things about The Bronx.  People tend to greet you like you stepped into a family owned restaurant and most importantly close proximity to a casino and The Cheesecake Factory.

I present the cover to my far off in the future rap album which will include mad hot beats about old people, skeeball, and theatre plays.

Working title: Gun Hill Road

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