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When you’re sitting next to a person on the train drinking a forty out of a Dunkin’ Donuts bag at 8:42am. It begs a lot of questions….where is this person going? Where are they coming from? Should I be drinking a forty before 9am, am I missing something?

Maybe it’s just the Bukowski talking. I’m reading this:


It’s a book that was handed to me. It came unexpected. It breaks your heart in a 3a.m. glassy eyed remembrance way. It’s bleak and unforgiving but honest.

I’m now worried about The Postal Service even with the death of letter writing, carriers are complicated.

A co-worker just logged into Facebook after a two year hiatus. His number of friend requests: 666.

Unsure if it’s a bad omen or an open ended toast. Only time shall tell.

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