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On the heels of the Ebola epidemic everyone has an opinion. I try to think back and remember the last time I was genuinely terrified-probably that one time I got bounced back and forth to doctors surrounded by the
whispers of growths and the dreaded c word. Maybe the time I was hospitalized keeling forward due to an exaggerated UTI wondering if my kidneys would break right in half.

Working in healthcare…..being a caregiver you don’t think about these moments. They disappear in the mirage of a doctors exaggerated smiles, nods, and positive affirmation and you move on to continue taking care of other people because that’s all you know.

Some people view this as a weakness. Honesty, kindness, and truth. I see it more as a strongmans strength. I am not ashamed of my past nor do I think I’ve wasted my time with the elderly and ill. It has made me strong and real and not afraid of the dark…..because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it all and it’s the stuff of the clear eyes and full hearts that they talk about on Friday Night Lights.

Now the talkers are talking and they call Ebola a caregivers disease after a nurse contracted the illness. Now people are terrified that they will get Ebola. Meanwhile, all that nurse is probably thinking is did I do my job? Can I save that life?

I wish everyone had the heart of a caregiver.

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